Bashan Wilderness Retreat

Healing, Refreshing, Bashan.


How can I help at Bashan?

Answer: Donate...

The Vision:

The Caretakers of Bashan started this vision with humble means and great investment of money time and supplies. Alone we have been limited but with your help we can see the vision come to life! We have hopes of building several small retreat cabins, a main fellowship hall (including kitchen area, and study library) which would also be used for a Wilderness Training facility and eventually an outreach center. We would like to eventually have enough solar power to pump the well without use of a generator and supply the fellowship hall with enough power for special events. Our current need is to build a bath facility to accommodate a larger amount of people, fix up paint repair existing buildings and animal areas.We are not a 501C3 ministry… we are just Gods’ people helping Gods’ people, not letting our left hand know what our right hand is doing… so if you donate here there is no tax benefit only the benefit of knowing that you are a part of something, a member of our family joined with us to the praise of His glory for the sake of His Kingdom!

What can I donate?

Answer: Money, Time / Skills & helps, Supplies, Teaching / Seminars…Volunteer


All financial gifts given to Bashan are used to make this place into what God intended it to be… a place of refuge, for all who would come.


The most costly and personally affected commodity of all is our time… Maybe you do not have money to give but you do have a skill… carpentry, painting, cleaning, yard work, building with earth, architectural knowledge, legal aid, medical or veterinary training, computer knowledge, wood cutting, teaching, you have a big truck and can haul materials… what ever you have, a small investment of your time and skill would be a real blessing!!!  Many hands make the load light and we could use as many hands as we can get!


Don’t know what to do with that old chop saw… now that you got a new one??? Donate it to Bashan… we can use tools, the ones we had when we first started here were donated and we are still using some of them today. Got new cabinets don’t know what to do with all the old ones sitting in your garage? Maybe you got a real good deal on a bunch of lumber and want to donate some? Extra solar panels or a solar water system?… what ever you have, please ask us if we could use it to help here on the land…


Wilderness survival training:   A few titles… How to survive with nothing, Herbs in the wild, Edible plants / mushrooms, dealing with predators, lions, tigers and bears…oh my! We are open to a wide range of survival teachings please send us your ideas.

Spiritual: Environmental concerns for Gods' people, Biblical Creation Seminars, Hebraic Roots teachings, The Feast Days of the LORD… Share with us what you have in mind.

Teachings and training seminars will be accepted by the Caretakers of Bashan based on content of information and materials presented. A presentation sent by mail or email for review six months in advance of desired presentation date will be necessary for consideration and approval of material. All material presented at Bashan must be in keeping with the Whole word of God from Genisis to Revelation.


We can always use volunteers to live on the land and help on a regular basis… If you are interested and can live on little means…please contact the caretakers of Bashan.