Bashan Wilderness Retreat

Healing, Refreshing, Bashan.

Our Golden Rules

#1.  There are no masters we are all servants and serve one another in whatever capacity we are able.

Bashan is a community-minded environment, all those who come to this place of retreat are invited here because they are willing, active participants together and believe that many hands make the load light. We are our brothers’ keeper, if we see a need we meet it, with a full heart of love and commitment to one another… we serve.

#2. We are stewards of the land and all that lives in, on, or above it.

God gave man a unique position; we were created in His image and then entrusted with the stewardship of all that He made… We are the caretakers of the earth, of our human family, the animals and plant life that live upon it and are sustained by it, this is our job our highest calling… to do what God originally intended for us to do, be stewards in His Kingdom.

#3. We guard our speech, actions, and attitudes with all diligence.

What we say and how we say it, what we do and how we do it should always be guarded for the protection of others. Our attitude should be one of honor and respect toward all, from the child to the aged adult, man or woman, rich or poor no matter what color…we are all created and equal in the sight of our God and worthy of honor even in correction we must strive to correct with respect.

Our hope in these few rules is to encourage an overall environment of love and care for all who cross our path… it is our commitment to you to strive to be servants that will bring honor to our God for His glory and the sake of the Kingdom as we walk on His path of life together.

The Caretakers of Bashan





Kody and Justin