Bashan Wilderness Retreat

Healing, Refreshing, Bashan.

Learning Opportunities

If you are interested in experiencing one of the learning opportunities during your stay, please contact the Caretakers of Bashan to make arrangements as some of the seminars are hands on learning experiences and require time to prepare.

Also some may require small donations of money to help with the cost of supplies… In the future we expect to have more opportunities as we find friends who would like to contribute to the list.

We would also be more than happy to come to your fellowship and do our learning seminar presentations: “Pray, Prepare, Prevail” along with “Take only what you need to survive”.  If you are interested please contact us.

The Physical...


  • Passive Solar (design, cooking, how? why?)Passive solar outdoor wall oven
  • Drinking from the way! (alternatives to flushing away valuable water sources)
  • Building with the earth  (adobe, cob, paper-adobe, mud daubing: hands-on building)Learn to make an adobe brick
  • Building an emergency shelter (hands-on with whatever is available...shelter can be used for your own personal camp shelter during your stay)
  • Catching the rain (how to catch and store water where ever you are); Walking in the rain... diverting rivers (monsoon season water diversion, seasonal pools and ponds)
  • Food... storage and/or foraging (when stores are closed or you're snowed in... there'll be a storehouse if you prepare ahead. Dinner with nature and the foods we find there. Shrooms… how to survive eating fungus: I’m still here! Some simple rules and the do’s and don’ts of fungus foraging) Don’t kill that weed! Wild edible / medicinal plants, how to research and find foods that heal
  • Take only what you need to survive! (Packing for survival… An overview of what we have found to be the bare minimum supplies, how to use them and where to find them.)

For the spiritual...

  • Pray, Prepare, Prevail
  • All Creation speaks… straight from the Donkey's mouth
    (do animals talk, did they, will they, how?)
  • Dominion vs. Stewardship
    (what’s the difference, does it matter? Yeah, it does)
  • Being still (the practice of being still and listening)The view through our garden
  • The teaching, instruction, and direction of God... essential to Life?  (What are the teachings, instructions, and directions, of God and why are they essential?)

Just for fun....

All Creation Speaks: Bat ballet and marching ants (spring, early summer for bat ballet… a real experience with these little mis-understood creatures. Ants from spring to fall we can follow their trail but how do we live with them?) It’s a spider… kill it! Why do we hate spiders? Can we learn to love them? My husband did... well, maybe love is too strong of a word… tolerate? Living with Dogs cats and other annoying animals. More than just mans best friend… dogs are real individual personalities… and cats, well everyone knows that cats are well beyond personality. Roosters’ crow, Chickens cluck , down home scoop on poultry. What’s that smell?… Goats gotta love em’ (it isn’t true… goats don’t eat everything, only some things)