Bashan Wilderness Retreat

Healing, Refreshing, Bashan.

General Information

Located: 14 miles E. of Snowflake Arizona about 4 hours from Phoenix, AZ… out in the boonies. From the end of paved road to the property is about nine miles of rough dirt road. The area is high desert, elevation of 6100 ft. The terrain is uneven; there are a lot of trees...Pinion Pine and Juniper, very little cactus. The soil is mostly sand & clay (a good mix for adobe).


March, April, May, temps are mild cool nights and sunny day. Mid April through May can be quite windy and lends itself as a time for early morning walks mid day naps and watching evening sunsets.

It is usually warm in mid summer about 95 to 100 degrees mostly dry, although it can be a bit humid in monsoon season. Monsoons start around July through Sept. a great time to practice water collection and food forging.

Winter Visits:
We do get some snow maybe a foot or two but it melts usually by the end of the day. Winter temps can get as low as 6 degrees at night only a day or two. Mostly in the coldest part of winter it is about ten to twenty degrees and warms up in the day to about thirty-to-fifty degrees. Winter is the best time for contemplation, study, and quite retreat as all the earth is at rest. In winter we can only accommodate a few people. If you are planning a winter retreat please plan on staying at least a week.


We have no luxury suites to offer… only humble quarters when available. You are welcomed and encouraged to bring your own tent… please remember this is a remote site not a place for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of the dark or have a need for constant noise… Vehicles are permitted but only for the purpose of arrival and departure… (no four wheeling or ATV activities are allowed). If you do not have a vehicle that can travel rough roads we do have a pick up point in Snowflake where you can leave your vehicle.

We have many animals that live on the land; this is their home and place of refuge. If you are not an animal person or have problems with, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, birds, frogs, snakes, bees, spiders or an occasional tarantula or anything else… this may not be the best retreat for you. Then again it may be the best place for you to learn how to live with these wonderful creatures that God made for us to enjoy. (Bashan is a kill-free zone;  the only time an animal or insect is to be killed is when it is a threat to the life or health of those present).

Retreat Hours

Bashan is closed to the general public, visits are arranged by advance reservation appointment only… Gates are closed after 2pm every Friday and re-open at 4pm on Saturday. Come early Friday morning get settled and join us in our Sabbath dinner.

Bashan is closed to visitors during the LORD’s Feast Days. If you are interested in being a part of the Feast Day Celebrations please contact the Caretakers of Bashan and talk with them about how you can serve with us. Open all traditional holidays with the exception of Thanksgiving.